Jackets I’m Currently Loving

Anyone obsessed with a good jacket? Whether it’s a cute puffer in the winter or a light weight jacket for fall they really can help pull a whole outfit together. A leather jacket adds a little edge to a look, where a big puff jacket like my picture above is more of a statement jacket. And a good trench can really just give the appearance of a more polished look. Key here always make sure your jacket is a good fit, this means get it tailored if needed because a well fitting jacket really is a game changer. You see so many girls out there where the idea is right but the fit is all wrong.  For all clothes but especially jackets, find a good tailor in your area and have them become your best friend.

My Outfit

Jacket: Click Here (wearing a medium for reference)

Tank: Click Here 

Jeans: Click Here

Headband: Click Here

Sunglasses: Click Here

Shoes: (simular) Click Here

Handbag: Click Here

Earrings: Click Here

Jackets I'm Currently Loving:

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