My Go To Wet Hair Products

Just like having a good skincare routine having a good wet hair routine can make all the difference when it comes to having healthy hair and really embracing the head of hair you were given. I’ve found these products to be my go to over the years and using them on a regular basis has helped wonders and hopefully can help you as well. 

Quick Links To Products:

Olaplex No. 3: Click Here

Wet Brush: Click Here

Miracle 10 Spray:

Loreal Volume Spray: Click Here

I LOVE this stuff, it’s kinda pricey but you only use a small portion in hair and I’ve noticed such a huge difference in the look of my split ends and overall appearance of my hair after I started using Olaplex. Want Olaplex No. 3? Click Here

If you don’t have one of these brushes go out and get one ASAP. It’s the best $10 hair investment you can ask for. I’ve been using this brush for years and one of the top reasons I believe I’m able to grow my hair out as long as it is and still maintain health and volume with minimal breakage. Want a Wet Brush? Click Here

Another product I’ve been using for years and swear by.  The main reason I use this product is for detangler and heat protector element but it’s helped my hair tremendously. Another product that is a little pricey but lasts a long time and is 100% worth the investment. Want Miracle 10 Spray?

My hair stylist introduced me to this spray about a year ago. When he was styling my hair he used it and immediately from the smell alone I was like oh my gosh what did you just use in my hair?  And the rest is history. This product has such a nice an amazing clean smell to it and helps give my long hair volume all day. Want Loreal Volume Spray?  Click Here

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