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Gift Guide: For The One With The Green Thumb

We all have those friends and family members that you see with a new small plant and the next time you see them with it it’s flourished  into something you never thought was possible. This group of gifts are for those with a green thumb. 

Countertop AeroGarden

This is perfect for someone who is limited in space to have an outdoor garden or live in climate conditions where gardens are do-able year around.  This is a year around, soil-free option. This wonderful countertop system lets you quickly grow herbs, veggies, greens, and flowers with ease, all in the comfort of your own home.

This gift is for the tech savvy gardener. This cool gadgets monitors and optimizes your watering so you don’t have to.

This adorable set is perfect for the outdoor gardener to use in the flower bed or garden. Plus the dark pattern will help hide the dirt that is inevitably end up on both. 

Unique gift for any Gardner. Each pop features a mix of six flower seeds and includes wild bergamot for bumblebees, black-eyed Susan for hummingbirds and purple coneflower for butterflies. Plant these seed-encrusted lollipops where they’ll receive full sunlight and they’ll germinate in two weeks or less.

This storage tin is perfect to put any gardening tools into while not in use, sleek storage for the garage, mudroom, etc. 

This plant mister is a cute decorative piece to have siting out allowing you to water any of your indoor plants.

It’s hard to come across adjustable planter stands that don’t overpower the pot or the plant it’s holding. This model design will complement both and is a tailored fit for almost any size plant.

Every gardener can always use a new fork and trowel set and this perfectly detailed is a great gift for any green thumb.

These garden gloves  are great for any fashion forward gardener. In an extra long length to protect arms from scratches and dirt, these adjustable garden gloves are finished in a bright floral print and synthetic leather palm. 

Unique gift to elevate any landscaping. All stones are hand crafted out of an enhanced high-strength concrete right here in the USA. They are highly durable and stand the test of time with beauty and elegance.

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