Double Tall Extra Foam

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A little bit about the face behind double tall extra foam:

My name is Breanna but I go by pretty much anything you want to call me, Bre, B, Breezyjbaby, JoJo, you name it and I’ve probably answered to it.

I am 29 years old.

Born and raised in the small town in the middle of absolutely nowhere called Bad Axe, Michigan. *Cue the bad ass jokes*

I attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Public Relations.

As of recently, I call home Charlotte, North Carolina.

I currently work full time in digital advertising for automotive dealerships across the country. (Sounds like I’m putting that fashion degree to good use, I know.)

My grammar and spelling is absolutely terrible, so I apologize in advance.

Some of my favorite things include laughing, traveling, delicious food, fashion, and spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends.

I hope you stop by again soon,


“Why I created Double Tall Extra Foam”

I don’t consider myself coffee snob, you know one of the people who talk about coffee as it must be French pressed, harvested at high altitudes of 16-24° in the coldest part of autumn within the Minas Gerais regions in Brazil.  Don’t get me wrong, that coffee sounds fantastic,  but at the end of the day I’m just a coffee lover. I love going to the little no name cafés and grabbing a cup of java or  hitting up Dunkin’ Donuts for a cup if I’m on the go.

The name Double Tall Extra Foam goes beyond just the coffee itself it’s a sense of taking a brief period of “me time” to do something I enjoy. That’s what I want my blog to be for everyone who stops by a little bit of “me time”. Where we can eat, travel, find the perfect outfit together, and learn a few things along the way. Whether it’s over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, while waiting for your flight to take off or just a few free moments in your day, let’s take a breather from reality & enjoy this amazing life together.