Ulta Beauty Finds I’m Currently Loving

I love finding good new beauty products. I’ll be the first to admit I’m pretty awful when it comes to doing my make up and I normally stick to the same basic routine. That’s why I am always looking for good quality products that work for me. I don’t know about you but walking into a Ulta or Sephora at times can be a bit overwhelming with the volume of product that is out there. Hopefully this helps narrow down your options next time you go to the store or are shopping online. 

Quick Links To Products:

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub: Click Here

KVD Beauty Foundation Balm: Click Here

Tula Brightening Eye Balm: Click Here

It Cosmetic Lip Serum Gloss: Click Here

It Cosmetic Bronzer Brush: Click Here

Nars Liquid Blush: Click Here


What I love about this blush is you really get the pigment of the color when you apply it, where with powder blush I feel like you keep putting more and more on & it always looks the same. Want Nars Liquid Blush?  Click Here

What I love about this body scrub is it literally smells out of this world and leaves your skin SO SOFT. Plus it’s at an awesome price point of under $10. I would say on average a container lasts me about 60 days.  Want the Tree Hut Sugar Scrub? Click Here

What I love about this foundation is how light it feels on your my skin and doesn’t look oily at all. I’m typically a tinted moisturizer no foundation type girl so I don’t think personally it’s something I would wear every day (though you totally could) but great for  special occasions/ nights out.  Want the KVD Beauty Foundation Balm? Click Here

What I love about this eye balm is how refreshing it feels and instantly makes you look more awake. I like to bring it in my handbag and use it as an afternoon refresher. You can apply above make up and as often as you want.  Want the Tula Brightening Eye Balm? Click Here

What I love about this lip serum is how moisturizing it feels on my lips. Not to mention the pigment of the serum shows up great on lips and lasts a while. No lip stick with gloss needed just one application of this gloss and you’re good to go. Want It Cosmetic Lip Serum Gloss? Click Here

What I love about this brush is how soft it feels on your face and how evenly it spreads whatever make up you are applying. Any It Cosmetic brushes I’ve gotten I haven’t been disappointed in and this one is no exception. Want this It Cosmetic Bronzer Brush: Click Here

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