5 Ways To Keep Productive This Spring

It’s 64 and partly sunny in Michigan today and the first sight we’ve seen of spring in 2019. Needless to say I’m enjoying every second of it. Something about waking up to sunshine and knowing you only need to grab a light jacket, if at all, to go about your day brings an extreme sense of joy. If your anything like me it also motivates me to become more productive and look at how I can make the most out of these beautiful sunny days. Here are a couple of things I do to get back on track after a winter what seems like a never ending winter tundra.

1. Start a Journal

Keeping a journal is something I started to do heading into 2019. Having a space to write it all down oppose to keeping it all bottled up inside has been very beneficial. It’s not something I make a point to do everyday but overtime I start to feel like my mind is racing and I can’t concentrate I like to map out my thoughts. Once I get it on paper I feel a sense of relief lifted off my shoulders allowing me to focus more about the moment I’m in now and go from there.

2. Start Your Day Out Early

This allows me to feel like I have a head start on the day and can accomplish anything! I’m one of those people who get up at what some seem to believe an ungodly hour in the morning on the weekends, for context typically I’m up between 7am-8am. Some of you reading this our thinking 7am? Please, I’m already on my 3rd cup of coffee at this time, if you’re that person I applaud you. Whatever your normal weekend wake up time is I challenge you to get up one hour early and see what you can accomplish. You may surprise yourself.

3. Keep a Calendar

For me having a calendar allows the opportunity to look ahead and set goals within timeframes that our realistic. Whether it’s on your phone, computer or a good old fashion paper calendar I highly encourage it. On my calendar I put future commitments with not only friends and family but also myself. Yes, I said it I put commitments with myself or goals that I want to set on my calendar. For me it’s a sense of encouragement towards my future, every time you check off another day you are one step closer to whatever goal you have written down and allows you to think, what did I do today to work towards that goal? If the answer is nothing, that’s okay. But then what am I going to tomorrow to get back on track? Time is forever passing and it’s our job to hold ourselves accountable to the goals we wish to achieve. 

4. List Making

I love calendars, almost as much as I love making a list. The sense of accomplishment that I feel when I can mark something of a list is second to none. This is a really great way I found to motivate and prioritize my day. Put everything out there and see what you can conquer. I like to make my daily list first thing in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and if you push yourself to get up an hour early your list and game plan for the day can be set before you would typically be waking up!

5. Move

Whether it’s a group fitness class, a hardcore weight lifting session or just a walk around the block it’s something I encourage you get out and do daily.  I live in a 550 sq. ft apartment I have to remind myself to move often. After I get up and move I always feel more productive and that I can accomplish more. Find a grove that fits your lifestyle and run with it. It may take a couple months to figure out what you truly enjoy as your movement and it may change often but learn to love the process and your body with thank you for it in return.

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