Customizing The Perfect Gift For Friends

Looking for the perfect personalized gift for a friend?Putting together gift baskets for special ocassions has always been a favorite of mine to do. What I love so much about putting together gift baskets is you can really customize them to fit the person you are giving them to. In this case it was for a close friends birthday who happens to love self care products, as most 28 year olds do. This type of gift is great because it’s everything you want to get on your typical errand running day but don’t want to spend the extra cash on.  Secret tip here I like to use specialty chocolates instead of tissue paper, this way it still leaves that element of surprise but can also enjoy!


I'm in love with candles & love to get gifted a nice candle. Sometimes candles can get a little pricey so getting one as a gift is always loved. The candle I here is from TJ Maxx but can get here as well

Face Mask

Face masks are always great to try as well, whether it's a way to wind down after a long day of work or something fun to do with girlfriends they always find a way to a smile on my face. This was another TJ Maxx pick up but can also get here

Beauty Collagen

Being in my late 20's I'm always looking for a way to keep up with my skincare routine. I've heard only amazing things about vital proteins. Shop here for all your vital protein needs.

Body Scrub

There is no better feeling then stepping out of a shower after you exfoliated. I recommend using an exfoliater with coffee to help give your skin the extra pep needed. As most of these products this was another TJ Maxx pick up but here is a similar product. 

Hair Mask

The most underrated self care routine may possibly be the quality of a good hair mask. After doing a hair mask you can in fact feel like a new woman. This one was picked up at target. 


Chapstick or lip gloss is always a fun little add on to any gift basket. It's that one product you have in every handbag, a compartment in the car, and currently sitting in your top drawer of your vanity at home.  Here is the one I picked up for my gift basket.


Having a sweet treat isn't something just for the kids. Who doesn't love a nice over priced chocolate as something sweet to treat yourself throughout the week. Here is the kind I  picked up for this gift, another Target find.


Whether it's gum or mints this is another go to add to any gift basket I make. Obviously in this case you can find Orbit gum at just about any gas station or grocery store around. 

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