Cruise Around Paradise

Getting lost in the open seas of paradise maybe one of my favorite activities. Getting lost may also be a bit of a stretch as you’re on a coordinated ship with sunshine, delicious food, activities for days, and we can’t forget the tropical cocktails at your fingertips. None the less something about the feeling of waking up and walking out on your balcony to see nothing but ocean in every direction without a sense of where you are or what day of the week even is, is truly an experience for the books. 

My boyfriend got me this trip for my birthday and to say I was surprised would be an understatement. The cruise was 5 day/4 night it stopped at two places in the Bahamas and ported out of Miami. The ship we were on was Navigator of the Seas through Royal Caribbean. If you are thinking of doing a cruise, I would highly recommend both Royal Caribbean as a cruise line and Navigator of the Sea for a ship. This is my second cruise on this ship and with the new renovations that were recently completed it was even nicer than the first time around (if that’s possible). 

Overall we had a fantastic time! Lots of laughs, great conversations, and tons of sunshine. The thing I like most about cruises is that it’s a stress free experience and little to no planning has to happen and you still end up having a great time! It’s just all  laid out in front of you (now on an app) and you just chose what you are in the mood to do and when you want to do it. Highly recommend a cruise to anyone looking for a getaway but doesn’t want to take the time or energy to plan a big trip.


Coco Cay


At Sea

Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean’s private island. Due to weather this was our first stop. They just opened the island about 2 weeks prior to us going, so we were one of the first groups to experience it. It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. We did a full beach day here which was fun, since we knew we were going to be outside all day we deiced to rent a cabana to have some relief from the sun (so glad we decided to pull the trigger on it). Overall it really was a perfect day at coco cay.

This is the 2nd time being to Nassau and to be honest I’m not overly impressed with this stop as there isn’t much to do. We got off the ship and walked around a little bit. You are really only suppose to stay in a few block radius after getting off the ship for safety reasons. We walked into the little shops and grabbed a couple sands, a local Bohemian beer out on a patio. It was a beautiful day but overall Adam and I decided if we ever port at Nassau again we would probably just stay on the ship and enjoy the pools on there.

The last full day on the ship we were at sea all day. This is arguably one of the funnest days. I always look forward to the at sea days. This cruise it rained at sea day but only until about 10am and from then on was beautiful weather! Adam and I just lounged. by the pool for almost the whole day, then went back to our room freshened up and went to dinner and to a couple of shows.

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