A Weekend In Miami

During our get away to paradise we stayed in Miami the day before and an additional day after the cruise.  You can read all about cruise adventures here.  This was the first time I stayed in Miami and fell in love with the Miami beach area. The place we stayed was in a great location, a few blocks from the beach and a short Uber ride ( about 4 miles) to downtown South Beach area.  


I recently discovered, a new fun way to book hotels while on vacation, booking boutique hotels through Airbnb. I came across this when I went to Paris last year and has become a fast favorite. I’ve been overwhelmed with the quality and service of booking this way and this trip was no different. 


Food and Drink


This is where we had dinner the first night we got into town. The food was awesome! We went with the  Sazon Combo for our appetizer, which was like a cuban combo platter. For our entree we went with the seafood and chicken paella for two. I would say if we were to do it again I would recommend if you are going with an appetizer to do the chicken and seafood paella for one, unless you want a ton of leftovers. There was just so much food and that was both Adam and I going into the restaurant starving. 


This is where we went for dinner our last night in Miami. The food was amazing here as well. It looks like a little hole in the wall diner, but don’t let the looks of this place fool you! It has over 3,000 reviews online with a 4.4 rating so you know this place is legit. I ended up getting the fried chicken chunks it came with rice and salad. The chicken wasn’t overly greasy and didn’t have a ton of breading on it, it was just super flavorful and delish, also the sangria is awesome here too!


This is located in the Room Mate Waldorf Towers hotel. We just a got drink here. Our drinks were HUGE though. For the cocktail menu you had 3 sizes to choose from. 12oz, 32oz or 54oz. Which is ridiculous but super fun! I went with the 32oz strawberry Mojito, it was a lot of Mojito but a super cool experience!


This place was awesome, I have more about it below. We just had drinks at this stop as well, they have a good craft cocktail menu. I don’t remember the exact name of what I got but it was a grapefruit/vodka combo. It was strong but tasty!


Late night food must. Came here for some late night eats before heading back to the hotel.Can get pizza by the slice along with a desert pizza as well. This was legit for late night and would recommend getting after a night out of drinking!


Miami Beach was full of fun! The first night we were there we did dinner at Sazon Cubin Cuisine and took a walk closer to South Beach area to grab a drink. Pretty low key night, we were tired from travel and knew we had a busy week ahead of us!

Our last day in Miami we really had the whole day to enjoy, we spent majority of the daytime enjoying the beach, pool, and catching the last few rays of sunshine before having to head back.

 Adam’s, my boyfriend, cousin came into town for the night and the three of us decided to hit up the South Beach scene for dinner and drinks.  One place we ended up going was Bacon Bitch, yes the name the cafe, I know too funny! When we got inside we heard this loud music coming from looked like a library den. We find out it’s the entrance to a nightlife lounge called  “Shhh… ” that had a secret door through the bookcase to get into the club. The bouncer tells you a riddle and from there you choose the book that will be your entrance in. So cool right?!  If you are in the area I would say it’s a must to check out!

We were back to the hotel by 3am just in time to get a 2 hour nap in before heading to the airport. 

Overall Miami was a great time,  food, drinks, people watching I would give it all an A+. Looking forward to my next trip back and hopefully staying in town for a little longer!

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