Tips On Organizing Your Laundry Room Closet

Moving into our new home, I now feel like I have more closets than I know what to do with. Going from maybe 2 closets in the different apartments I lived over the years to tripling that number it’s pretty great feeling. One thing I told myself when we first moved in was now that we have the space I wasn’t just going to shove stuff into closets (please tell me I’m not alone here?!) But I was actually going to organize them, ensure everything has a spot and make it look nice so when I open up the closets it’s not an anxiety attack waiting to happen. Here are a few ideas that worked well for me that I thought I would pass along. 

1. Use Tall Bins To Place Hard To Fold Items. (like fitted sheets)

2. Place Laundry Supplies In Decorative Glass Jar.

3. Roll Towels + Wash Cothes To Save Space & Look Uniform

4. Place Cleaning Supplies In Easy To Clean Bin (incase something spills)

Organizing Containers I Used:

Tall Storage Cubes: Click Here

Wicker Bin: Click Here

Cleaning Supplies Bin: Click Here

Soft Fabric Crate (Similar):  Click Here

Tide Pod Container: Click Here

Bounce Sheets Glass Holder (Similar): Click Here

Scented Washing Bead Glass Holder: Click Here

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