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Gift Guide: For The Cook

Over the past couple of years I’ve really grown fond of cooking and has been one of my favorite hobbies. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I use often that can easily be loved by fellow amateur cookers to  feel a little more professional & make life in the kitchen a bit easier.

Oil Dipping Spice Kit

This gourmet oil kit will help make you familiar with different seasonings and how they pair quickly. What I love about this kit is it gives you multiple options to play around with different spices and while using it as a oil dip you really can taste the creations you made  and learn for next time.

I love that this herb infuser can take any basic meal where you use olive oil to the next level. Whether it’s a light dressing for salad or your frying up some potatoes you can really infuse any additional flavor to take the basic dish to the next level. 

This is literally a life changing kitchen tool that I think is overlooked by many. I use this almost daily while cooking to help easily and efficiently chop up my vegetables. It says you can use it for fruit as well but I haven’t tried that yet. 

Another go to kitchen tool of mine, for any garlic lover. This is a fast easy way to add garlic into any dish. 

On the uprise in popularity over the past few years my air fryer doesn’t disappoint and would make a perfect addition to a home cooks kitchen. It can help take so many recipes to the next level with out the added fat.

My go to cooking pans for poultry and fish. This pan helps give the perfect crisp on the outside while keeping the inside moist as if you were to grill and I love that you can use it stove top and in oven. 

One of my favorite cooking influencers on Instagram @madeitateitlovedit created this awesome easy to follow cookbook, you can scan a code and each recipe shows you step by step video of how to create. 

Taco night hits our household normally on a weekly basis these racks are a perfect addition to help hold the tacos in place.

Perfect gift for an easy cooking clean up. Just line your baking sheet and once cooked remove for easy and rinse for clean up. Saving so much time.

This casserole carrier is perfect for a potluck or dinner party to ensure your dish remains warm in transit. 

Tailgate, dinner party, large gathering, girl’s night this triple crockpot is perfect for entertaining and keeping multiple apps warm or a buffet style meal.


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