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Gift Guide: For Self Care

Self care is key especially in the year 2020. Here are some of my go to products on a daily/weekly basis. These are great gift ideas whether it’s for a coworker, girlfriend, sister, or  yourself!

Quartz Roller

I’m not going to lie when I first saw this trend on Instagram, I laughed so hard at a video of a woman  rolling out her face like it was dough, but since 2020 consists of a lot of around the house time I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, I look like an idiot but it feels fantastic, if I’m feeling extra wild I put in the fridge for a few minutes before using. 

You’ll notice this list consisting of a couple different pair because that’s how much I LOVE slippers, it’s like your feet walking around in a blanket. I these in dusty pink (color currently out of stock) but are honestly so soft, highly recommend.

Everything about a heating pad reminds me of spending the night at my Grandma’s growing up and how she would always put under the covers for about 20 minutes prior to bed so when you got in it was like a warm piece of heaven. If you haven’t invested in one I would say do it.

I recently got this robe as a gift from my Bachelorette party and use it constantly. It’s perfect for wearing while you get ready . You don’t have to worry about getting overheated while doing your hair or make-up. Link will take you to a to of different color/pattern options so many nice ones to choose from.

Bath and Body 3-wick candles, do they really need an explanation of why they make such great gifts?  I bought this Paris Cafe for the name, I had now idea what it was going to smell like. It’s like a warm vanilla smell, pretty basic but really empowers the room when lit. Also don’t forget there is always some type of promotion going on whether it’s a bundle or % off, always look before you pay full price.

My sister in laws got me hooked on this face exfoliator earlier this year and I honestly don’t know how I lived without it! I just leave in the shower and use twice a week. I have dry sensitive skin and it really helps dull skin have life. 

Long hair going to bed worry no more. I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head almost every night with one of these, wake up in the morning take it out without a single crease.

Another item that is on my 2020 Christmas wishlist. I’ve heard so many benefits for your skin using a silk pillow case. This one I found on Amazon that has 4.5 starts with over 3,000 for a pillowcase that seems like it’s worth the $20 investment. I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts if I get it for Christmas.. or if I breakdown and buy it before!

I feel like this bubble bath tray is the height of 2020 when it comes to relaxation. Awesome unique gift for a woman who is hard to buy for but you know lovers her me time. 

Perfect add on to any self care gift this holiday season!

Another pair of slippers I’m totally loving right now. Personally open toe & hard bottom are the two main things I look for in slippers. Open toe because they are cozy but still breathable. Hard bottom because you feel like you have some support and grip when you walk and aren’t sliding all over the place in them

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