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Gift Guide: For The Coffee Lover

This was one of my favorite gift guides to put together because of how much I love coffee, I mean the name of my blog is Double Tall Extra Foam, and am infatuated by the amount of cool gadgets that exist in the coffee world today.  This gift guide is perfect for those who you see drinking coffee on the reg, or know enjoy a good cup of Joe. Here are some of my favorites that would make great gifts for anyone who loves a little caffeine.

Espresso Cups

My new quarantine routine is my husband makes us a shot (okay somedays two) every afternoon between 2pm-3pm during the week as our afternoon pick me up while we are trying to grind out our afternoon work schedule. These cups are so modern and chic looking & the quality is great; you can hold your freshly brewed cup of espresso and it doesn’t burn your hand. 

If someone is new to the espresso game and looking for a good starter machine I highly recommend this one. It’s definitely on the affordable side from a lot of espresso machines out there and the quality is fantastic. Couldn’t recommend enough.

I’m obsessed with this coffee maker, it was one that my husband and I got with some of the gift cards we received from the bridal shower and I couldn’t be happier with our pick. You can make coffee by the cup, by the pot, you can make specialty coffees, cold brews, teas, I really don’t think there is anything this coffee system can’t do. Also super straight forward and so easy to use, unlike a lot of machines out there. 

I’ve also been on a big kick lately of buying specialty coffee beans from a  market down the street from where I live and grind them fresh to use. This grinder is easy to use, easy clean up, and a great addition to any coffee lovers current appliances. 

Great gift idea for any coffee lover to try new unique coffees right at their doorstep. You can choose from a sample box or even do a subscription to a coffee of the month club. 

If you don’t want all the gadgets associated with a good cup of coffee this French press is the way to go. Simple and sleek this press is a great gift for someone who enjoys the taste of quality coffee and the art of it being made. 

Coffee mugs make a great add on to any gift, and Anthropologie has the cutest mugs around. 

Great way to store fresh coffee beans after opening the bag is with an air sealed canister. This would be a great gift to pair with the coffee grinder mentioned above.

This is an ideal gift for someone who already owns and uses their Keurig on a regular basis. This allows you to enjoy any coffee of your choice and not rely solely on the overpriced k cup options out available to you. Also helps reduce waste on the enviroment win- win in my eyes!

If you are someone who loves specialty coffee drinks this is the perfect appliance to add to your at home collection. This steam-free frother is absolutely perfect for cappuccino, cafe latte, hot chocolate, milkshakes or any beverage that could use a little froth to top it off.


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