Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

These make ahead breakfast burritos are great. I like to make a batch up about once a month, freeze and pull out when my husband and I want one as breakfast, a snack, etc. What I love about these burritos is you can make them with your own little twist. I normally use pork sausage and then low carb/ low calorie tortilla like the ones here.  But if you like bacon more feel free to add that in or if you wanted to make it healthier you could add  turkey sausage. Not in the mood for meat? Double up on the veggies and skip a breakfast meat all together. 

Also if you do want to make larger style ones you can buy the burrito tortilla instead of the regular size. I wouldn’t go smaller than the medium size tortillas though because they get to hard to wrap up.

I did add this recipe into my fitness pal and using ingredients on recipe card below one burrito is about ~350 calories, which is the perfect amount to keep me full until lunch!

Double Tall Extra Foam Pro Tip: course I’m going to tell you add hot sauce



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